About Us

GP Care is a federation of 100 GP practices that pooled resources and created a new organisation with the objectives of:

  • Facilitating the shift of simple diagnostic, outpatient and ancillary services out of acute hospitals and into the community, making it easier for patients to access care and unclogging the hospitals so that they can deliver faster care to those patients with complex and life threatening conditions;
  • Bringing an innovative, 'can do' approach to service design with a view to streamlining care pathways to improve convenience for patients and deliver cost savings to NHS commissioners and tax payers.

Rather than employ medics ourselves we work with GP practices, NHS trust hospitals, out of hours organisations and community service providers to provide the majority of the clinical staff to deliver the services, thereby ensuring a high degree of integration within the wider local NHS environments where we operate. Therefore the vast majority of our services are provided in partnership with other local NHS organisations.

Some key guiding principles that we adhere to for our NHS patient services are:

  • We only work up new services where we believe we can radically improve the patient experience AND deliver efficiency savings to the NHS;
  • We look to work with local NHS clinicians in the delivery of the services, thereby supporting the retention of strength and depth within the local NHS clinical teams.

Following the creation of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as the primary regulator for healthcare providers, GP Care successfully registered with the CQC in October 2010 and has been found to be fully compliant at subsequent unannounced annual inspection visits.

As part of our governance principles we recognise our responsibility to carefully manage potential conflicts of interest and we do this by applying a strict ethical Conflict of Interest Code. GP Care also has a clear objective as regards Equality and Diversity with regard to providing services that are compliant with Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

We don't claim to be perfect and are always looking for ways in which we can improve, but we believe that we have made a real and positive difference for patients on all of the services that we are delivering and we hope to continue doing so. We are a friendly, well meaning team of individuals, all of whom are NHS patients ourselves, who are doing all that we can to help patients.

“Very easy and very fast - thank you”


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