The GP Care federation of practices was set up in 2006, in the Bristol area, as a Limited Liability Partnership ("LLP") by a number of highly experienced GPs and other professionals. The organisation's creation was initially funded by 85 GP practices who felt that there were many opportunities to improve the patient experience within the NHS but wanted to ensure integration of any new services with other NHS organisations in the wider local NHS environments. This federation has since grown to 100 practices.

Significant time and effort went into developing a comprehensive and robust clinical governance framework to ensure that all clinical services were well designed, well delivered and carefully monitored to ensure the highest standards of care prior to winning our first contract with NHS commissioners in 2007.

NHS Commissioners in South Gloucestershire, who were seeking innovation and improvements to patient pathways, commissioned our Community Urology Service on a trial basis; their belief in us was well founded, the improvement in the patient pathway and the cost savings for commissioners were clear and so the trial subsequently converted to a full service contract.

In 2008 the organisation converted from an LLP into a company and has adopted a series of social enterprise ethics within its Articles of Association (its constitution) including restrictions on payment of dividends such that all/any surpluses are reinvested into redesigning and improving further services.

Having established a positive reputation we have gradually expanded such that we have an increasing array of clinical services for NHS patients in a rapidly widening geographical area and we see well in excess of 15,000 patients per annum.

We are developing a reputation as an innovative, responsive and collaborative partner to Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS provider organisations including GP practices, NHS trust hospitals, out of hours providers and community service providers.

We are always happy to talk and any of our director team can be contacted on 0333 332 2100 or by emailing us at info@gpcare.org.uk.


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