Managing Conflicts of Interest

Managing Conflicts of Interest
GP Care recognises that there is the potential for a conflict of interest or the perception of conflict of interest, for any individual who is responsible for commissioning NHS patient services where that individual also has an interest as a potential provider of those services.

Company code
GP Care is an ethical, provider organisation owned largely, by more than 650 general practitioners. We recognise our responsibility for carefully managing potential conflicts of interest. We do this by applying our code as follows:

  • Directors of GP Care are not permitted to also sit on the board of any Clinical Commissioning Group;
  • GP Care Directors and Clinical Leads shall always declare their GP Care Board position and/or any other interests, in any discussion that might directly or indirectly impact on commissioning decisions;
  • Directors of GP Care will publish and keep up to date details of all their interests on this website and on other appropriate professional registers of interests;
  • GP Care, under its Articles of Association restricts the payment of dividends to shareholders;
  • GP Care supports and encourages transparent commissioning processes whereby the highest quality and most cost effective providers are awarded contracts to provide services to NHS patients.

Practitioner code
GP Care ownership remains spread widely such that any one NHS patient referral to a GP Care service gives rise to a negligible financial benefit to that GP and:

  • GP Care encourages its member practices to prominently display a notice of their relationship with GP Care in a public area of all their premises and on their practice literature;
  • GP Care practitioners shall always be mindful of and adhere to GMC guidance and RCGP guidance regarding managing conflicts of interest.

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