Bulk Buying

GP Care is delighted to work in conjunction with PSUK to deliver significant cost savings to GP Care member practices.

Service – An online shop where practices can purchase pharmaceuticals, practice consumables and a growing list of medical equipment at the lowest prices in the market.  Full support in maximising profitability and reducing prescribing budgets.

Provider – PSUK, www.psuk.co.uk.


  • Membership to PSUK is now FREE;
  • PSUK has been chosen as a preferred supplier by AstraZeneca and Pfizer for the supply of their products to non dispensing practices;
  • Preferential pricing and discounts on key pharmaceuticals, including flu vaccines, Decapeptyl and Innohep;
  • Lowest pricing on practice consumables including gloves, couch rolls and cleaning products;
  • Free training on contemporary and essential issues;
  • Full access to the lowest stationery, insurance and utility pricing via PSUK PLUS; 
  • PSUK Focus delivered quarterly highlighting key areas of profitability and NHS savings.

Costs – Membership to PSUK is FREE. 

Action – To activate your PSUK account contact Customer Services on 01904 732580 or visit www.psuk.co.uk.

For  an informal discussion or further information on the benefits of using PSUK please contact Heidi Barrett on 07501 683574.