CQC Registration Support

Following the provision of a series of free workshops made available to GP Care Member Practices, GP Care is offering a Care Quality Commission ("CQC") Advice Service to practices who wish to benefit from our experience in successfully registering with the CQC and responding to subsequent inspection visits.

Our regulatory team that manage our CQC compliance are available to provide advice to practices wanting advice on the approach to take or who have specific questions. We are able to provide support in preparing CQC registration documentation although we would anticipate that practices will be best placed to do this as it is very simple once you know how.

Our experience of working with the CQC is that we have built a friendly and supportive relationship with a helpful CQC team. We believe this is what practices should aspire to.

If you are worried about registration then give us a call and dispel the myths.

This service is provided at consultancy fee rates depending on the level of input/staff experience required.

GP Care Business Support Services.

For further information please call GP Care on 0333 332 2100 or email us at info@gpcare.org.uk.