Health & Safety Support

Health & Safety is, unfortunately, not optional. Employers with 5 or more staff must have a written Policy Document and carry out risk assessments. Breaches of legislation are criminal offences. Also, with CQC registration looming, getting your Health & Safety sorted out will ensure many of the key Standards are already met. As Easyjet’s founder, Stelios has commented:

“If you think Health & Safety is expensive try having an accident!”

GP Care is pleased to be working with Linden Ruskin Training Ltd who have been specialising in advising surgeries, Consortia, LMCs and PCTs on Health & Safety for the last 14 years. We agree completely with their practical, no-blame ethos of “Never nit-picking at exactly what sub-section of which Regulation has been broken but rather - how to get it sorted!” This practical and successful approach is borne out by the many grateful testimonials from Primary Care staff. Many of you will know Linden already and the fact that she and most of her team used to be Practice Managers is much appreciated!

Do you doubt that your H&S is up-to-date, fit for purpose or audit?

Have you inherited folders of “stuff” purporting to be H & S documentation?

Have you finally decided to turn that H & S mountain into a molehill?

Download this LEAFLET, to see how Linden and her team can help your Practice or visit their website at Then contact GP Care today by telephoning 0333 332 2100 or emailing us at to arrange your free initial discussion as to which of the following options may best suit your Practice needs:

Retainer Scheme (we keep doing it together)
For Practices in Avon, in association with GP Care, we are pleased to introduce a special Annual Retainer Scheme for only £260 + VAT. Developed after discussions with Practice Managers in Bristol to ensure surgeries with Packs can easily keep up to date and on top of their Health & Safety, it includes:

  • The complete contents of the latest version of the Pack Questionnaire and Supplemental;
  • A 10% discount on further on or off-site training, workshop or coaching fees;
  • A free delegate place on a 2-hour Health & Safety Annual Update Workshop;
  • Access to a telephone or email advice line;
  • A quarterly newsletter with seasonal reminders, answers to recent FAQs and solutions to issues raised by other surgeries leading to new Best Practice.

The cost is £260 + VAT per annum.

Medical health & safety pack (you do it)
A sturdy boxed set with a CD containing over 40 template Policies, forms and tables to customise. One binder contains the Questionnaire to take you through what needs to be done whilst referring you to all the underpinning knowledge contained in the Supplemental. This contains not only current legislation but also Best Practice and is completely updated every January. Easy to understand, the Pack has no jargon and builds confidence in all that use it. The other binder with its’ specialised dividers, provides the perfect home for all the customised documentation required in law from a Health & Safety Policy Document. Comments about the Pack include:

“Very structured approach – clear instructions – so knew exactly what I had to do.”

“All the work has been done so the templates were adapted with very little effort.”

“At last a useable H&S toolkit written by a Practice Manager for Practice Managers.”

Priced at £365 (incl. p&p with zero rate VAT) this is peace of mind for £1 per day!

The fast track pack/service (we do it)
The Fast Track Pack/Service was introduced this year at the behest of Practice Managers who had neither the time nor resources to use the Pack themselves or just needed/wanted it done for them. It has been described as “Simply brilliant as it took so little input from us”, “ A huge relief to have it all done” and “Worth its weight in gold” by grateful Practice Managers. Surgeries complete 4 simple questionnaires so that LRT can produce all the customised Policies and forms that just then need to be agreed. Personalised Action Plans for all staff with Health & Safety responsibilities ensures that every one knows who is doing what and nothing can be forgotten.

If bought with the Pack, the cost for a single-site surgery is £765 + VAT or for those with branches £965 + VAT. If a current version of the Pack is held, however, the cost of the Fast Track service would be £400 (single-site) or £600 (multi-sited) + VAT.

Coaching and training (we do it together)
Training that ‘hits the spot’ for its’ audience is key. Whether delivering bespoke sessions or standard workshops for Practice staff, our trainers are happy to go off- script to answer specific questions and delve deeper into subjects of interest to delegates. Coaching sessions get over the problem of never having time-out to devote to Health & Safety and can ensure privacy for discussions around difficult issues. All LRT’s tutors and coaches have experience of working in surgeries. This means they bring an enormous wealth of experience and understanding of exactly the situations that arise and challenges that have to be faced daily in a busy surgery. Fees are charged on a time basis (e.g. £425 per half-day) irrespective of the number attending but include all preparation, “bespoking” and handouts + VAT. If held at a surgery there is also a mileage fee of 47.5p per mile.

Who could have thought in 1996 that - busy managing a 7-partner GP Practice Linden’s acceptance of a project from Wiltshire Health Authority would lead to her helping so many grateful Practices around the UK. 14 years later, with the Health & Safety Pack continually updated as legislation changed and new Best Practice came to light, the message from the LRT team is still the same:

“Health & Safety isn’t a Dark Art and - with a little help - it can be sorted!”

If you want to ensure that your practice is not only compliant with current Health & Safety legislation but also Best Practice garnered from surgeries throughout the UK plus is being pro-active towards CQC registration, then please contact GP Care by telephone 0333 332 2100 or email ( to arrange your free initial discussion with Linden.