Payroll Support Service

GP Care has teamed up with Healthpay, an experienced and flexible payroll services provider, to deliver a payroll service that is only available to GP Care members. The service is high quality and is inexpensive on account of minimal overhead/infrastructure costs and good use of technology. This provides GP Care members with a real opportunity to make cost savings. To discuss how our Payroll Support Service could help you please call us on 0333 332 2100.

The service includes the following:


  • Calculation of monthly payroll information, using Moneysoft Payroll systems, including amounts payable to employees, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs ("HMRC"), pension (NHS or personal), maternity, charities and any other payroll deductions according to information provided by clients; and
  • Preparation and submission to clients of electronic monthly payslips and payroll summaries.


  • Handle all contacts with the NHS Pensions Agency including joiners, leavers, monthly returns, annual returns and retirement forms; and
  • Deal with AVCs, added years and other complications.


  • File all records with HMRC including the annual return;
  • Implement the change to RTI reporting with minimal disruption; and
  • Deal with all tax code changes.


  • Respond to clients' ad hoc queries as they arise and assist with any information that HMRC may ask for.

Legislative changes:

  • Keep clients informed of relevant legislative change.

Practice responsibilities:

  • For the avoidance of doubt practices will continue to be responsible for making payments to employees, HMRC, pensions companies and recipients of any other deductions as appropriate; and for sending payslips to employees.

Post​al Option:

  • Payslip production facility: Payslips are printed and first class posted either to employees directly or to the employer for onward distribution.

The Core Service is charged at £2.82 plus VAT per employee per month for 2013/14 with one-off set-up fees of £5.64 plus VAT per employee regardless of what point in the year the service commences. The Postal Option is charged at an additional £0.48 plus VAT per employee per month with no set-up fee and can commence at anytime during the payroll year. Postage costs are additional and will be passed on at cost.

GP Care Payroll Bureau Services, in association with Healthpay.

For further information please call GP Care on 0333 332 2100 or emailing us at

Call us:

0333 332 2100

Members Feedback

"We find the Payroll Support Service invaluable and the service is excellent, both in terms of the help and advice we receive as well as the actual payroll process."

"A superb service."

"Our practice has used the payroll support service since 2008 and I have to admit, despite initial reservations about outsourcing our payroll (to anyone), that Healthpay have been absolutely great. They're very accommodating and can almost always meet any requirements that we may have."

"30/30. What else can I say?!"