GP Care DVT Service - Patients Delighted - £1.5m Cost Saved

After 3 and a half years of providing a high quality, cost effective Community DVT Service across South Gloucestershire and North Bristol, GP Care has prevented an anticipated 8,000+ hospital attendances equating to savings to commissioners of circa £1.5million against local hospital tariffs for anticoagulation.

Below is a sample of verbatim feedback from patients who were seen in the Community DVT Service in the 1st Quarter of 2012:

  • “The service I received from GP Care was excellent, and I was dealt with very efficiently (the nurses were very good).  I think having the service through primary care is fantastic and feel very happy with the treatment I received, thank you”, 83 year old female
  • “The whole system seems to work very smoothly.  No parking fees!”, 82 year old male
  • “Excellent service all round.  Nice clean welcoming building; helpful friendly staff.  I have not the slightest complaint about any aspect of my care at Greenway.  I am hugely grateful not to have had to go to the BRI for treatment”, 69 year old female
  • “Everyone I saw from my GP to the DVT doctor and nurses were excellent.  Even the appointment times were given to suit me”, 55 year old male
  • “My treatment was 100% and the nursing staff in the treatment room could not be faulted”, 89 year old female
  • “A very pleasant experience of the NHS”, anonymous

If the Community DVT Service is not yet available to your patients, and you would like it to be, then please the DVT Service Lead, on 0333 332 2101.

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