GP Care's Patient Record Sharing Initiative Improves Patient Care

GP Care is delighted to announce that with 420,000 patient records now being shared between Bristol based GPs, hospitals and Out of Hours doctors local cooperation is succeeding where national projects have failed.

GP Care’s Patient Record Network ("PRN") securely shares GP records with approved NHS organisations and is making a significant difference to the care of patients in urgent care.

Roger Tweedale, GP Care Chief Executive, said: “GP records are full of important information that can make a vital difference to the care of patients in an urgent or emergency situation and we have many examples of where the Patient Record Network has made a significant difference to patient care. Working directly with local GPs and hospitals we have overcome many of the obstacles that broke the national programme, at a fraction of its cost. PRN is a win for patients and a win for the NHS.”

GP Care’s PRN enables the sharing of GP patient records whilst addressing the security and confidentiality concerns that have dogged the National Programme for IT (“NPfIT”). Through the PRN, GP Care provides a platform for sharing data, manages the data sharing agreements for records between practices, the aggregated record cloud in EMIS Web and the record access agreements for user organisations and also provides training and education to approved users of the system. The GP practice retains overall control of who the record is shared with and patient consent is required before their records are accessed. If a patient is too ill to be able to give consent the doctor can over-ride the consent but doing so creates an automatic audit trail and an alert to the practice so that their GP can verify that this was by a legitimate user acting in their best interests.

GP Care is a recognised provider of community based healthcare services including diagnostics, outpatient and ancillary services which have been redesigned to be more convenient and accessible to patients, including shorter waits, and more efficient and cost effective for NHS commissioners. A range of services are currently available to both NHS and private patients within Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

The organisation's key focus is on redesigning the administrative components of patient pathways to reduce the number of appointments patients and clinicians have to attend, making use of the latest technological developments, and bringing those services out of hospital and closer to where the patient lives to improve convenience and accessibility, whilst continuing to utilise the very high quality clinical expertise that generally resides within the local NHS environment.

Through its associated network of 100 GP practices, comprising over 90 separate premises and over 650 experienced GPs, GP Care has been highly successful in efficiently implementing and managing a network of clinics for each service that give patients excellent geographical access - so important when many patients do not have access to transport or find travelling difficult given their medical condition.

If you would like any further information on this initiative, please call our PRN helpdesk on 0333 332 2100

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