GP Care AGM outcomes

GP Care held its 2013 AGM on 17th October at Henbury Golf Club.

Charlotte Leslie, MP for Bristol North West and member of the Health Select Committee, lead a lively discussion on some of the current topics in health. This was followed by presentations on GP Care's business plan for 2013/14, some case studies and an update on business development.

Three resolutions were put to the meeting:

  • Receive the GP Accounts for the year to 31 March 2013 - ordinary resolution - approved;
  • Receive the GP Care Business Plan for 2013/14 - ordinary resolution - approved;
  • Adopt the amended Articles of Association as presented to shareholders - special resolution - approved

The meeting included a debate regarding the number of GPs that should be on the board of the organisation and whether this should be specified in some way. It was agreed that this would be considered by the board at the next opportunity for a general shareholder meeting.

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