Audiologists in the Community

We have been providing our NHS Audiology Service in Bristol for the last three years and more recently have started delivering Audiology clinics within five prisons in the South West.  The service provides an Adult Hearing Assessment and Fitting Service and as it is Deaf Awareness Week, Parminder Munde, has written about working as our Lead Audiologist in Bristol.

Parminder started her training at United Hospitals Bristol (UHB) in 2002.  After completing her studies two and half years later she was given a permanent post at the hospital.  She worked at the hospital for 11 years, enjoying her job tremendously whilst also completing an MSc in Rehabilitative Audiology at Bristol University in 2010.  She writes:

I started working for GP Care as a bank audiologist in June 2013, initially working during Saturday clinics.  I really enjoyed working for the company and decided to move to GP Care full time in December 2013.

Working for GP Care is a very different experience compared to an audiology department in a hospital as we work within the community - from about 15-17 different surgeries or community based locations.  Patients really love this, especially the elderly patients, as it is more convenient for them going to their local surgeries than going to a hospital.

Every day at work is different, a typical clinic starts with setting up equipment and carrying out daily calibration equipment checks.  I can see 10 or 20 patients a day depending on the different types of appointments and could be doing anything from adult hearing assessments; hearing aid fittings to follow-ups; repairs, and home visits for frail and elderly patients.  On another day I may be carrying out phone or face-to-face interviews to recruit staff, supervising a new staff member or bank staff, training health care assistants, carrying out clinical audits, or attending CPD courses and meetings in the office.

From April this year we have also started providing audiology services in five prisons in and around Bristol.  I am really enjoying this since it adds more variety to my day’s work.  It is a bit more challenging and you have to get used to the prison environment but that is what makes the job exciting!

The most rewarding part of my job is being able to help patients to hear again, which in turn makes a positive difference to their lives. Hearing loss can lead to a feeling of isolation and has debilitating effect on a patient’s life.  There is nothing more satisfactory than knowing that you have improved a person’s quality of life and put the music back into their lives.

It’s clear that Parminder is passionate about her job and provides a fantastic service to our patients.  Our patients seem to agree too as we regularly receive very positive feedback:

  • “From beginning to end, the service was excellent and friendly and everything was fully explained and presented very well”
  • “From the first time of contact to the fitting of my hearing aids I have experienced nothing but courtesy and a great level of care.  The explanation of use was clear and concise.”

For more information about our NHS Audiology Service, click here, or contact the office on 0333 332 2100.

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