GP Care Audiology Hearing Aid Service offers appointments in an average of less than 8 days

GP Care's new Audiology Hearing Aid Fitting Service for NHS patients in Bristol and South Gloucestershire has now successfully completed its first month of service delivery with excellent outcomes both in terms:

  • Patient feedback - 100% of responses in the month being rated 'Excellent'; and
  • Patient waiting times - currently offering appointments in under 8 days from referral.

Jess Wewer, GP Care's Audiology Service Team Leader commented that "the service is working exactly as we had hoped and by offering it regularly at so many different locations it is very easy for patients to access. We are also maintaining GP Care's standard of swift reporting back to referring GPs. The positive feedback from both patients and GPs has been very welcome after all of the meticulous hard work that has gone into developing and launching this service".

For further information on GP Care's Audiology Hearing Aid Fitting Service please call 0333 332 2104 or email us at

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