65% of calls to the immediate access GP Care Consultant Link (Advice and Guidance) Service conclude with patients not attending hospital

GP Care's Consultant Link (Immediate Access Telephone Advice & Guidance) Service has now been in operation for over 12 months and has been a resounding success with over 65% of GP calls to local hospital consultants concluding in patients NOT being referred or admitted to hospital.

The Service provides GPs with immediate telephone access to LOCAL NHS hospital consultants. Access statistics for the first 2 months of operation have included: Connection time of 1 minute 11 seconds; Average call duration of 3 minutes; 100% of calls are voice recorded and emailed to practices to attach to patient records -thereby making it paperless for hospital consultants.

The savings to the NHS budget have been considerable and waiting times in participating hospital departments have been signficantly reduced. As a consequence of this ongoing success, extended contracts have been concluded for a further two CCG areas.

Roger Tweedale, GP Care Chief Executive, commented that "following continuing investment into the Consultant Link IT/telecoms systems the Service can now cater for the provision of advice to any number of GP practices, covering any number of clinical specialties from any number of NHS hospitals. As a consequence of this flexibility and the successful outcomes things are getting busy!"

For further information on Consultant Link please email us at info@gpcare.org.uk or call our service team on 0333 332 2100.

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