GP Care Community Urology Service for Bristol (ICE and West consortia) sees its 1000th patient

The GP Care Community Urology Service ("CUS") is pleased to announce that it has seen its 1000th patient since commencing service delivery in February 2010.

The Service is working well as evidenced by:
• Average wait (referral to one stop consultant-led appointment) – 13 days;
• Patient feedback – 65% Excellent; 28% Very Good; 7% Good (no poor or unsatisfactory);

Some comments from patients:
• “Many thanks, the whole experience [of CUS] was excellent, especially when compared to attending any large hospital…. very friendly, I felt safe so important when you are feeling vulnerable”
• “I cannot fault the whole experience- Thank you!”
• “Very impressed with the service and staff”
• “Very pleased with the service. It could not have been better. I am very grateful for the way I was treated.”
• “No problems, staff very pleasant and helpful, nicer than going into a large hospital”
• “Very nervous at first but the team soon put my mind at ease & made me feel very comfortable, every point they were brilliant”

We are continuing to work with our clinical service providers to deliver further improvements to the Service.

For further information on the service call the CUS Operations Team on 0333 332 2102.

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