GP Care Pharmacy launches new Home Delivery Dossette Box Service

GP Care is pleased to announce the launch of a new home delivery dossette box service to patients within South Gloucesetershire, Bristol and North Somerset.

This Service represents part of GP Care's Complete Medicines Management Service (“CMMS”)’ which focuses on effective use of dossette boxes and focuses on vulnerable patients with long term conditions. In particular the Service comprises:
·         Proactive reminders (via telephone) to patients when the prescription renewal date arises;
·         Repeat prescription orders taken via the phone;
·         Delivery to the patients home;
·         Regular medication use reviews to improve medication adherence in line with current NICE guidelines.
The objectives of the CMMS are to:
·         Improve the quality of care to vulnerable patients that are taking multiple medicines and not complying with their medication;
·         Provide intensive support for practices trying to manage vulnerable patients with long term conditions and frequently admitted into secondary care for medication related issues;
·         Foster professional working relationships between clinicians and community pharmacist;
·         Improve health outcomes through better compliance with medicines for patients with long term conditions;
·         Encourage practices and pharmacies to utilise repeat dispensing and ETP release 1;
·         Reduce waste (i.e. the large quantities of medicines prescribed but not taken by patients) as recently highlighted in a National Audit Office report.

For more information patients should call GP Care Pharmacy on 0333 332 2100 or email us at

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