GP Care concludes negotiations with Wyeth on flu vaccine pricing for Winter 2010

GP Care has now concluded negotiations with Wyeth on its seasonal flu vaccine pricing for winter 2010.

GP Care member practices are able to purchase the vaccine on the following terms:

Service – Provision of flu vaccine for winter 2010
Provider – Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Discount – 55.2% off the Branded Enzira list price of £6.33 giving a net price of £2.84 and a margin to the GP Practice of £3.49 per vaccination
Other relevant terms – 120 days’ credit; 10% sale or return (30% if your surgery places its whole order with Wyeth before 31st December 2009); negotiable delivery dates; free support materials; training for practices; option for GP Practice to cancel orders up to 30th June 2010
Action – for further information please call Wyeth on freephone 0800 089 4033 quoting ‘GP Care’ or email

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