GP Care donates Ultrasound machine to HIPZ

GP Care has donated a Zonare Ultrasound machine to the Health Improvement Project Zanzibar - HIPZ (

Set up in 2006 by Taunton Urologist Mr Ru MacDonagh, HIPZ looks after 2 hospitals on the island of Zanzibar, off the eastern coast of Tanzania. Dr Jon Rees, GP in North Somerset and a clinician for the GP Care Community Urology Service is a trustee of HIPZ, having previously worked in Zanzibar during his urological training.

HIPZ has transformed the healthcare delivered to over 250,000 people on Zanzibar, in a unique innovative collaboration with the Zanzibari government. A comprehensive maternity service has been established in both hospitals - the provision of ultrasound during pregnancy is a key component of this and just one of the vital uses the Zonare ultrasound machine will be used for.

"Ultrasound has already proved its worth with Asha diagnosing a ruptured ectopic last week in a patient who had previously been thought to have had an incomplete miscarriage.  The patient was resuscitated with fluids and a blood transfusion before being transferred to Stonetown for surgery.”

Quote from Makunduchi Hospital

Ian Morgan, CEO of GP Care commented:

‘We are proud to donate this Ultrasound machine to HIPZ...the work that the charity does to improve the healthcare for the people of Zanzibar is truly outstanding and we hope that this donation can help their efforts further in making a difference to people’s lives...’


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