GP Care expands its HR Support Service

GP Care is pleased to announce the expansion of its HR Service, dedicated to providing pragmatic, professional HR support in GP surgery environments and we are delighted to welcome Helen Crooks to the team. Helen is an experienced  “generalist” HR Consultant specialising in reviewing HR documentation, policies and procedures to ensure they are legally compliant and “fit for purpose” – particularly important mindful of the imminent CQC registration process.

As part of this expansion, GP Care now provides a “bespoke” recruitment and selection service dedicated to GP Practice environments.  We can very cost effectively provide Practices with an efficient, professionally managed recruitment and selection service, (to include psychometric testing if required), to support the selection of any Practice staff from Partners to Receptionists.  We can manage the whole selection process for you, saving you valuable time and wasted effort.

If you want to discuss a current HR issue please contact either Helen Crooks or Linda Chick on 0333 332 2100 or email us at

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