NHS Chief Executive visits GP Care DVT clinic

We welcomed Simon Stevens, the NHS Chief Executive, to Bristol on 27th June. He visited one of GP Care's Anticoagulation Centres and enjoyed talking with Michelle Lord, one of our very experienced ultrasonographers.  Nearly all DVT investigation is now done in the community and GP Care has helped to remove the need for the local Medical Admissions Unit to deal with these cases.  While he was there two new DVTs referred only that morning were diagnosed by Michelle, one with complex lymph nodes too, possibly suggesting a serious hitherto undiagnosed underlying cause.

Dr Phil Yates, Chairman of GP Care, Dr Dan Brett, a partner at the Greenway Community Practice and Mr Peter Riordan, the Practice Manager, discussed the feasibility of quality-assuring community delivery through an organisation like GP Care. They also noted the ability of GP Care to manage the transfer of some areas of health care delivery to the community in total - at lower cost, higher quality and a more efficient patient journey compared to previously.  We also talked about the difficulty GPs have currently in getting advice from Specialists and how GP Care's Consultant Link service can connect clinicians with ease. 

We impressed on Simon just how tough it is to be a GP at the moment and the need for support to GPs and their practices if we are to rise to his challenge to 'Think like a patient: Act as a Taxpayer'.

We hope he continued to consider these issues after he left us. We've been in contact since to reinforce the messages we gave and to thank him for coming.

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