GP Care is accepted onto NHS Bristol's Pre-Accreditation Provider List

GP Care is delighted to announce that it is the first provider organisation to be accepted onto NHS Bristol’s Pre-Accredited Provider List, following submission of a comprehensive accreditation application (39 page application document plus 265 pages of detailed policies, procedures and financial reports).

Roger Tweedale, CEO of GP Care commented that: "GP Care is already an established provider of high quality, communtiy-based healthcare services to NHS patients within not only NHS Bristol but also in NHS South Gloucestershire and NHS North Somerset. However, our acceptance onto NHS Bristol's Pre Accreditation Provider List is a significant step forward and leaves GP Care very well placed to extend the range of services that we provide under the Any Willing Qualified Provider (AWQP) framework - thereby bringing more diagnostic and outpatient services into the community, and therefore closer to home, as well as delivering signficant efficiency savings to commissioners".

GP Care is currently preparing a number of new AWQP service submissions – all of which arise from ideas from general practice who can clearly see the opportunites to improve patient experience and save the NHS money.

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