Successful implementation of new organisation-wide PACS system

GP Care has completed the successful installation of new and upgraded PACS imaging and CRIS reporting systems to support its rapidly expanding Community Ultrasound Service.

The new systems facilitate delivery of ultrasound scanning services from a network of community locations that are close to patients' homes. The linkage of each delivery location to central hub servers means that ultrasound images and reports can not only be generated locally and immediately issued to patients (where appropriate) but also be immediately transferred to other NHS clinical teams where onward care is required.

Roger Tweedale, GP Care Chief Executive commented that "even non urgent ultrasound scans are now being seen within 2-5 days of referral with immediate reporting available to both patients and referring GPs as well as to hospital clinicians where patients require further care. The implementation of our new and upgraded PACS/CRIS systems has significantly increased the speed and efficiency with which we can operate".

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