GP Care's Electronic Patient Record Network goes live

GP Care is pleased to announce that its electronic Patient Record Network (PRN) is now live, realising the objective of a shared electronic patient record system within Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. Local hospital A&E teams are now able to view patients where required to support the delivery of appropriate clinical care.

The PRN, access to which is subject to a strict patient consent model delivers the following key benefits:
• Fully informed decisions to support delivery of clinical care;
• Prescribing is informed and appropriately tailored to the medication already given;
• Up to date Care Plans and End of Life plans are available;
• Tests are not repeated unnecessarily at taxpayer’s expense.

Confidentiality and patient consent model
The key components of the PRN's confidentiality and consent model are:
• The PRN provides read-only access;
• Practices control which local NHS organisations can access their patient records;
• Patients have the choice of being individually excluded from the PRN;
• Explicit patient consent is required at the point of care and this has to be positively confirmed within the PRN by the User (e.g. a secondary care consultant) accessing the record;
• Each User has a unique logon and password and is required to sign a confidentiality agreement confirming that: 

  - They accept that inappropriate access is a criminal issue under the Data Protection Act 1998; and 
  - They understand that the PRN has a comprehensive audit trail that will be regularly monitored and that can identify which Users have accessed records, when they did it and what they looked at.

Further information
The PRN is delivering on a local basis, and subject to a stricter consent model including control from within primary care, what the UK Government has recently spent £12bn trying unsuccessfully to implement. We believe that, in addition to the clear benefits to patients, this initiative confirms Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset as leading areas in primary care developments.

For further information regarding the PRN please contact the GP Care PRN Service Support team on 0333 332 2100.

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