GP Care Member Practices can now save money by linking with a highly effective bulk buying organisation - PSUK

GP Care is delighted to announce that GP practice membership of PSUK for non dispensing practices is now FREE.

PSUK is the UK's largest GP Service Provider, offering discounted purchasing solutions, management services and educational training to the Primary Care market.

The benefits of PSUK membership have been enhanced as follows:
• PSUK no longer charges a membership fee. Practices can access key terms and services for free via using their personal log-in details
• PSUK has launched an online shop where practices can purchase pharmaceuticals, practice consumables and a growing list of medical equipment at 
   the lowest prices in the market
• Free delivery on all orders over £100 + VAT, or that contain an AstraZeneca or Pfizer product
• PSUK has secured key contracts with pharmaceutical suppliers to increase profitability for the practice and reduce prescribing budgets 
    - Decapeptyl available at 15% discount from NHS price generating £24.25 profit after reimbursement
    - Hydroxocobalamin available at just £2.25 generating £12.35 profit after reimbursement

For a free catalogue or to activate your PSUK account please contact PSUK Customer Services on 01904 732580. Alternatively, visit for further information or call Heidi Barrett on 07501 683574.

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