GP Care's Community Ultrasound Service continues to receive excellent patient feedback

GP Care's Community Ultrasound Service continues to receive excellent feedback from NHS patients. A contribution from today's 'mailbag'......

“From start to finish the procedure was carried out in a gentle and caring way thus alleviating out any worry. Everything was explained clearly step by step. In fact, it was a comfortable experience which I would go through again without any concerns.  

Fear plays such a huge part in anything medical, and the staff dispelled that as soon as I entered the room. Whether naturally or by training they were perfect for the task! Thank you.”

Needless to say the patient ticked the ‘extremely likely’ box on our Feedback Form when asked how likely were they to recommend our service to friends and family.

Making a referral

Where we are contracted with a CCG we can accept NHS patient referrals via fax (to 0303 334 0698) or via secure email (to or via telephone (to 0333 332 2103). To access the relevant Referral Form please click on the link.

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