Urology waiting time currently within 1 week

We are pleased to announce that GP Care is now offering its one-stop urology clinics in Clifton on Monday evenings and in Kingswood and Clifton on Saturdays. GP Care has received excellent feedback from patients who appreciate its fast, easy-access service.

Refer your 2WW, urgent and routine patients to this diagnostic service via Choose & Book, Fax or Referral Support Service. Patients are seen at six clinic locations in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

The service accepts referrals for patients with Visible and Non-visible Haematuria, LUTS, Raised PSA, Recurrent UTI’s registered in South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Bristol ICE and West. Bristol patients can also be referred for Testicular Lumps and Pain.

Referrals are triaged by a Consultant Urologist. GP Care then telephones your patient by the next working day to arrange a convenient appointment. The appointment is confirmed by letter which includes information about the tests required and map and directions to the clinic.

GP Care will return referrals that fall outside the criteria, in which case the patient should be referred to secondary care. Discharge clinic reports are handed to the patient and also faxed to his/her GP surgery within 24 hours of discharge (within 48 hours if seen on Saturday). Patients are referred to secondary care if treatment is required.

GP Care’s telephone lines are open between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Friday. Contact the Community Urology Team on 0333 332 2102, or fax 0303 334 0698.

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