NHS Patients

GP Care has multiple contracts with NHS commissioners and delivers a range of community based services that are both efficient and convenient for patients and that deliver cost savings to the NHS. Whilst we also provide a small number of services to patients on a private basis where NHS care is unavailable our real focus is on delivering high quality care to NHS patients.

GP Care currently provides the following services, in association with the NHS, to NHS patients who continue to receive free healthcare:

  • Community Urology Service - A diagnostic and assessment services that provides NHS patients with fast access to consultant led urology clinics in convenient community locations. Presenting conditions assessed include Haematuria, Raised PSA, Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and many other urological symptoms that would otherwise have required patients to go to hospital.
  • Community Ultrasound Service - Provision of ultrasound services to NHS patients via a network of community settings such as health centres and specialist clinics using a growing team of expert ultrasonographers with consultant radiologist overview.
  • Community Deep Vein Thrombosis ("DVT") Service - Provision of a diagnostic and treatment service for NHS patients with suspected or actual DVTs. The Service, including blood testing, ultrasound scans, and subsequent anticoagulation is delivered from a well spread network of local health centres all of which are very easy to access.
  • Consultant Link Advice & Guidance - An innovative service, provided in association with local acute hospitals, to provide GPs with immediate telephone access to advice & guidance from local specialist consultants, using a paperless telecoms solution that records the telephone call and forwards it to the GP for attachment to the appropriate patient record.

Our services comprise:

  • High quality healthcare - delivered by highly qualified and well respected local NHS consultants, GPs and nurses;
  • Efficient service design - minimising the number of patient attendances required via safe and sensible use of 'one-stop' clinics wherever possible;
  • Excellent patient access - with services delivered from a network of modern health centres and specialist clinics that:
    • give a good geographical footprint and are therefore 'closer to home' for patients;
    • all have good parking facilities where patients need to drive;
  • Prompt reporting to referring GPs - all GP Care services issue a report within 48 hours of an appointment to referring GPs;
  • Significant cost savings to NHS commissioners - possible by sharing the cost savings arising from efficient service design;
  • Comprehensive reporting to NHS commissioners - performance statistics as well as patient and GP feedback.

We also work closely with:

  • GP Practices - who best understand the needs of patients;
  • Hospital Trusts - whom we recognise have the necessary equipment and expertise to undertake the complex follow-up procedures that often arise from diagnostic and assessment work;
  • District/Community Nursing Teams - who have a broad range of specialist services that can complement GP Care services;
  • Avon, Somerset and Wiltshire Cancer Services ("ASWCS") Cancer Network;
  • Avon IM&T (the provider of IT services to Avon based NHS commissioners) - who we work with to ensure that GP Care's IT systems integrate where appropriate with wider local NHS IT systems.

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