Patient Record Network ("PRN") Service

GP Care’s Patient Record Network ("PRN") shares GP records securely with approved NHS organisations and is making a significant difference to the care of patients in urgent care.  The PRN is a groundbreaking data sharing initiative, which is currently operating across the wider Bristol area, that aims to link every GP patient record in Bristol and the surrounds with local Out of Hours care providers and local hospital trusts.

Roger Tweedale, GP Care Chief Executive said: “GP records are full of important information that can make a vital difference to the care of patients in an urgent or emergency situation and we have many examples of where the Patient Record Network has made a significant difference to patient care. Working directly with local GPs and hospitals, we have overcome many of the obstacles that broke the national programme, at a fraction of its cost. The PRN is a win for patients and a win for the NHS.”

GP Care’s PRN enables the sharing of GP patient records whilst addressing the security and confidentiality concerns that have dogged the National Programme for IT (“NPfIT”). Through the PRN, GP Care provides a platform for sharing data and manages the data sharing agreements between practices and participating NHS care providers, as well as the record access agreements for user organisations. GP Care also provides training and education to approved individual users of the system. Each GP practice retains overall control of who their records are shared with and patient consent is required by the end user before each record is accessed. If a patient is too ill to be able to give consent the doctor can over-ride the consent but, in doing so, creates an automatic audit trail and an alert to the practice so that the patient's GP can verify that access was made by a legitimate user acting in the patient's best interests.

Please read some of our Case Studies to see how the PRN is delivering real benefits to both patients and local healthcare professionals.

Are you a commissioner trying to implement a data sharing solution in your CCG area?  Don't re-invent the wheel!  Call us on 0333 332 2100 to see how GP Care can support you in your endeavours.


If you would like any further information on this initiative, please call our PRN helpdesk on 0333 332 2100.

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Clinician Feedback

"From a safety point of view, this information is absolutely critical in ensuring the right patient gets the right drugs at the right time."

"I can’t believe we have never had this system before and that there could be any reluctance to allow access in this fashion! Patients can only benefit from hospitals having more knowledge of their past medical history."

"By using the PRN we were able to give the definitive treatment quickly."

“Very easy and very fast - thank you”


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