Non Invasive Prenatal Test

GP Care offers the Genesis Serenity® Prenatal Test to prospective mothers to test for chromosomal abnormalities in their baby.  The service is available for women who are 10 weeks pregnant or more.

There are two pricing options:

  • £410 for a Serenity test and an ultrasound scan (to include a 2D scan photo)
  • £350 for the Serenity test only*

*a quick 5 minute viability scan will be performed before the blood test is taken.

What is the Genesis Serenity® Prenatal Test?
The test is a Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) offering an accurate assessment of the likelihood of your baby having:

  • Patau syndrome (trisomy 13)
  • Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18)
  • Down syndrome (trisomy 21)
  • Sex Chromosome abnormalities

These occur as a result of missing or extra copies of chromosomes otherwise referred to as aneuploidies.

A single sample of your blood is taken from which your baby’s DNA is tested.  The test can be performed as early as 10 weeks for most pregnancies including single and twin pregnancies and for women undergoing IVF or women who have conceived via assisted reproductive technology including use of a donor egg.

What are my current options?
The NHS currently provides the "combined test", which consists of the nuchal translucency scan and a maternal blood test to measure pregnancy hormone levels at 11 - 14 weeks.  This provides an estimate of risk taking into consideration maternal age.  It is less accurate than an NIPT test.

If for some reason the scan cannot be completed you will be offered a blood test known as the quadruple test between 14 - 20 weeks.  It is less accurate than the combined test.

More information can be found here.

What are the advantages of the Genesis Serenity® Prenatal Test?

  • Uses just a single blood sample from your arm;
  • Can be performed as early as 10 weeks;
  • Can test for more than only Down syndrome;
  • Does not carry the same risk of complications that a more invasive  procedure can have;
  • Testing laboratories are based in London so results are returned faster than many competitors who have to send samples abroad;
  • Overall accuracy of >99.7%;
  • Genesis provide access to licensed counselling by trained genetic counsellors.

Is the test right for me?
You might consider this test if:

  • You are at least 10 weeks pregnant and feeling anxious;
  • Your ultrasound shows concerns or anomalies with the baby's growth and/or development;
  • Your combined test (nuchal scan and blood) result was high/medium risk and you would llike another test choice before committing to an invasive diagnostic procedure;
  • You have personal or family history of chromosomal anomalies.

What will the results tell me?
The screening test is reported in 3 possible ways:

  • No Aneuploidy Detected – the test identified the usual number of copies of the chromosomes.  This indicates your pregnancy is unlikely to be affected by the aneuploidies tested..
  • Aneuploidy Detected – the test identified too many of too few copies of one of the chromosomes.  This indicates your pregnancy may be affected by the aneuploidies tested and it is highly recommended to confirm with an invasive diagnostic follow up test, such as CVS or amniocentesis to eliminate the possibility of a false result.
  • Aneuploidy Suspected – the test showed a borderline result which was inconclusive.  This could be due to many reasons, for example; blood sampling lower levels of foetal DNA.  In such cases Genesis Genetics will offer a redraw free of charge a week later to rerun the test.

Your healthcare provider will be available to discuss what the results mean and obtain more information if required.

In case of a positive result, your health care provider may discuss what the test results mean for you and your baby as well as further testing options for your pregnancy.

How do I know the test is effective?
Whilst the test is highly accurate, it is not 100% conclusive.  A "No Aneuploidy Detected" result does not eliminate the possibility of other chromosomal genetic condition, birth defects or complications.  Impressive performance metrics for the test based on over 85,000 real clinical samples includes all the false positive, false negative and predicted value rates associated with each chromosome can be found on the order form and visiting the Serenity website.

How to book an appointment
If you would like to book an appointment, please call us on 0333 332 2101.  A member of our team will book you in for an appointment, take payment and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Alternatively, please fill in the enquiry form at the top of this page and a member of the team will contact you.

Cancellations and refund policy
Refund for cancellation within 24 hours, will be at GP Care’s discretion.  Failure to attend will result in a £50 charge.

About Genesis Genetics
Genesis Genetics are experts in reproductive genetic testing.  They are a pioneer of pre-implantation testing of embryos for inherited genetic abnormalities and have expanded into first trimester screening.  It was founded by world renowned scientists whose mission is to help couples build healthy families.  With bases throughout the world the company has helped thousands of families.

The Genesis Serenity® Prenatal Test is provided by Genesis Genetics UK Ltd based in London who use the verifi® technology developed by Illumina.

Genesis Genetics UK is a supporter of the UK charity, ARC (Antenatal Results and Choices).  ARC can be contacted on 0845 077 2290 (or 0207 713 7486 via mobile) and are able to provide further support to parents before, during and after antenatal screening.


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