Equal Opportunities and Diversity Objectives

GP Care is committed to providing high quality services which are available to all and meet our responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act.  To demonstrate this GP Care has developed Equal Opportunities Objectives to ensure our patients, partners and our staff understand how we do things and how we will deliver our priorities. These objectives have been developed in line with relevant Joint Strategic Needs Assessments.

Equal Opportunities Objectives:




Services are accessible to all






Ensure equality of access to all, including those individuals with specific needs e.g. learning disabilities, mental health needs, sensory impairment, carers



  • Patients are informed, supported and involved as they wish in their diagnosis and decisions about their care.
  • They can exercise choice of treatments and places of treatment
  • Patient and carers complaints about services are handled respectfully and efficiently
  • Access to interpreter services
  • Clinic locations within the community are Equality Act compliant and enable free parking

Confident, Competent, well supported staff






Staff will be equipped with the appropriate skills and behaviours for their job, ensuring they can make reasonable adjustments for patients with specific needs




  • Training, development and performance appraisal will ensure that our staff are able to assess a patient's specific needs on first contact and make reasonable adjustments where necessary; for example arranging an interpreter
  • Zero tolerance approach to bullying and harassment
  • Recruitment and retention practices will be fair, inclusive and transparent in line with legislation and professional regulation

Partnership working





Respecting the interests of patients, commissioners, NHS Providers and actively look for opportunities to improve care pathways for patients and health professionals whilst saving money for the NHS

  • Engage with key stakeholders in an open and transparent way
  • Development of a Patient and Public Involvement Plan/Strategy
  • Take opportunities to redesign patient pathways and utilise emerging technology

Informed leadership




Raise awareness of Equality




  • Reports to Board on progress with equality objectives
  • Equality training for all staff, including Board members

GP Care's Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) Report can be found here.

GP Care's Equality Delivery System (EDS2) Report can be found here.