GP Care is a clinician led organisation with a very clear patient focus.

The key to our success is the design and delivery of high quality clinical services in a manner that significantly improves the patient experience. Key contributors to this success are the speed of access and convenience as well as efficient service delivery that creates cost savings for the NHS and services that are affordable for private patients.

Our core ethical principles as a business are as follows:

  • We incorporate a strong and explicit ethical stance into our business strategy and decision making;
  • We work in an open and accountable way, and remember our accountability to the local population;
  • We promote holistic personal care in our partners and in the services we offer;
  • We work to reduce health inequalities by providing high quality services to those most at need through being an efficient and effective health provider and by tendering to provide services for those most vulnerable and with the highest health needs;
  • We involve and listen to patients and develop processes which ensure that the voice of the patients we serve is heard;
  • We are an excellent employer and support the sense of vocation in its members and employees;
  • We harness the entrepreneurial skills of our partners to deliver innovative service models and care pathways, whilst ensuring adherence to high ethical and clinical standards;

The ethos of public service and the recognition of the individual patient as a uniquely valuable human being at the centre of the healthcare process are values that GP Care will safeguard and promote.