Great People Care

When people ask what GP Care is about, this is it.

We care enormously about our patients, about the work we do and our colleagues. This poem and video was created with the input from staff and we are so proud of the result!


Caring is a story
that starts with “hello”,
a welcome like medicine,
a heart full of hope.

Caring is local,
it holds us close,
a rush of relief
and a happy ride home.

Caring is flexible,
caring is brave,
caring is seamless,
soft and safe.

Caring wears a uniform
caring disinfects,
it’s bare below the elbow
so only smiles can spread.

It’s giving time to listen,
without being asked,
explaining decisions
from first to last.

It’s clear directions,
a fighting chance,
a voice in your corner,
a confident laugh.

Caring’s professional
but personal, too.
it’s measured in questions,
it’s quick to improve.

Caring is a promise
a circle of trust,
caring is busy
but never rushed.

Caring is the journey
from worry to rest,
looking back in wonder
at all those steps.

We’re more than colleagues,
we’re unexpected friends,
a family of kindness,
a daily dose of strength.

Every living human
is bound by health.
We care for each other
as we’d care for ourselves.

So although you may be anxious
please don’t stress.
Help is what we’re here for
so take a deep breath!