Occupational Health Support

GP Care offers an Occupational Health Support Service to help employers both prevent and reduce illness in the workplace as well as promote health, by providing pragmatic advice when an employee is experiencing health concerns that may impact on their ability to work.

We will arrange for an independent Occupational Health Assessment to be carried out by a qualified Occupational Health Professional which will include a face to face meeting with the employee.  Following this assessment, you will receive a report providing a medical opinion on the employee’s health issues in relation to their job role and recommendations on what reasonable adjustments could be made to support the employee returning to work.

By using our Occupational Health Support Service:

  • sickness absence costs can be reduced by getting employees to return to work more quickly;
  • both the employer and the employee receive independent quality advice through a specialist occupational health assessment;
  • you will receive recommendations on adjustments suggested for your employees who are referred for an assessment;
  • employee’s expectations about the impact of their condition on their fitness for work can be managed;
  • you will be advised on steps that can be taken to support employees to return to work as well as support on how to prevent a period of sickness absence occurring/re-occurring.

As an employer, you can make a referral at any point.  To make a referral or for more information, please contact Helen Crooks on 0333 332 2100.