Policies and Procedures Support Service

GP Care provides a well presented, logically structured and concise set of Policies and Procedures that have already been used in successfully securing Care Quality Commission ("CQC") registration and which are available for use by GP practices and other healthcare organisations. The Policies and Procedures are written in language that is easy to understand and have been kept short and pragmatic to make it easier for organisations to adopt them and for staff to read them.

This service provides an actual set of Policies and Procedures which require only small changes such as inserting practice/organisation name, logo and details of persons with key operational and regulatory responsibilities before they can be adopted. The format of the documentation does however allow for further tailoring should practices/organisations so wish.

GP Care has developed and evolved these Policies and Procedures over some years and has cross referenced them to the 28 CQC Outcomes. They were the basis on which GP Care was itself successfully registered with the CQC in 2010 and they have supported us in passing subsequent regular inspections.

The Policies and Procedures are provided in a format that can be edited to include practice/organisation name and logo. Practices/organisations can also easily amend other aspects .

The Documentation
The service includes the provision of:

  • Governance Framework Overview (Word File);
  • Governance File Index (Word File);
  • 16 Policies and Procedures (Word File);
  • Cross referencing of 16 policies and procedures to the 28 CQC Outcomes (Excel File).

GP Care Business Support Services.

Users of this service should note that:

  • All Policies and Procedures documentation is protected by a 2012 copyright; and
  • Whilst these Policies and Procedures have been found to be sufficient and appropriate by the CQC in the past, the nature of CQC inspections is such that some inspectors could still request some amendments, although we would anticipate any such change requests being of a minor nature.

For further information please call GP Care on 0333 332 2100 or email us at info@gpcare.org.uk.