Recruitment Support

GP Care offer a recruitment solution for Practices looking to appoint new members to their team, from Practice Managers through to clinical and administrative staff.

We are not prescriptive about the support you might require, and prefer to discuss with you what you might need.  The below list provides an example of the services we can provide:

  • Draft job descriptions and person specifications;
  • Advise on a suitable compensation and benefits package;
  • Create a recruitment advert, advise on the most suitable publication/s to place it and book advertising space;
  • Administration of all applications received e.g. acknowledgements and the appropriate follow up letters advising of outcome;
  • Provide a shortlist of candidates for assessment by the Practice;
  • Manage the interview or assessment process for the Practice e.g. organise the event, provide interview questions, administer psychometric tests, sit on assessment panel;
  • Issue job offer paperwork;
  • Take up references.

By working with you to either manage or support your recruitment process we can simplify the process and save you time, enabling you to do your day job. We can also provide you with peace of mind and assurance that the process is being run legally and robustly to maximise your success at selecting the right person for the job.

For further information or to arrange a free meeting to discuss your requirements please contact our HR Team on 0333 332 2100.