New Gloucester Clinic Location

From June 2017 we will be providing our NHS Community urology services in a new Gloucester clinic, The Spire Clinic in Cheltenham. This will be our sixth clinic location to provide the service in the area and means that more patients can be assessed and diagnosed with urology conditions without having to wait for a hospital appointment. These patients can also be seen closer to home in a much less stressful environment.

We offer “one stop” appointments so patients can be assessed in one consultation and rapidly referred to secondary care if required, or discharged back to their GP with management advice.

We currently accept referrals for general urological conditions including:

  • Haematuria
  • Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections
  • Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
  • Prostate conditions
  • Testicular lumps & pain

For more information head to our Urology page.

Or, to make a referral, call our team on 0333 332 2102