How do we want to work with NHS commissioners? Read on.....

NHS Commissioners

Our primary focus is on delivering diagnostic, outpatient and ancillary services for NHS Patients that:

  • Significantly improve pathways for patients;
  • Deliver cost savings to NHS commissioners.

We are a friendly, collaborative and responsive team and we want to provide commissioners with innovative and cost effective solutions to the challenges that they face. We welcome an open dialogue and will put our minds to resolving any issues that commissioners are having to deal with. If we can't do it then we will say so quickly; if we can do it then we will support commissioners in working up new service models. We are supportive of a fair and transparent commissioning environment and understand that commissioners will have to tender such new service models.

Follow the link to see our current list of NHS Patient Services.

Our experience is that much of the potential for improving pathways for NHS Patients comes not from changing the clinical care or the clinicians who provide it but by tackling inefficient administration pathways that often exist.

GP Care is experienced and successful at reworking these administration pathways, introducing the latest technological developments, and harnessing these with the very high quality clinical expertise that generally resides within the local NHS teams. As a consequence we are able to offer:

  • High Quality Clinical Care - using experienced local NHS clinicians;
  • Efficient Service Design - minimising the number of appointments that a patient needs to attend, using 'one-stop' clinic approaches wherever possible and appropriate;
  • Quick Access for Patients - aiming to see patients within 14 days even for non urgent conditions;
  • Easy Access for Patients - providing services from community locations that are close to patients' homes and have free parking facilities;
  • Cost savings for the NHS - sharing cost efficiencies with commissioners;
  • Continual Service Improvement - via ongoing dialogue with patients and GPs who provide valuable feedback on our services. 

All of our staff are not only employees but are also local NHS Patients and we are passionate about delivering improvements to NHS patient care.