Community Urology Service

Our Urology Service is community based and aims to keep your clinical consultation and diagnostic testing within one visit.

You will have been referred to our urology service as your doctor would like you to receive further investigations. 

Once we have received your referral from your GP, we will contact you directly to arrange your appointment and send you a confirmation letter along with information on how to prepare ahead of your appointment.  Please make sure you read this and bring it along to your appointment.

At the clinic you will be seen by a Urology Specialist who is supported by one of our Health Care Assistants.  Depending on what tests are required, you may also be seen by one of our Ultrasonographers.

After the procedure the Urology Specialist will discuss your results and provide you with a management plan that will also be sent back to your doctor.  Should you need any further test, this will be explained to you and you will be referred on appropriately by our patient support team.

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